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Golden, Jeannie A Associate Professor


The overriding theme of my research has been my fervor for applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the application of behavior management techniques to provide effective interventions with a variety of populations in various arenas. This focus on applied behavior analysis has led to collaboration with colleagues and students in my own discipline and colleagues and students from other disciplines (i.e., Exercise and Health Promotion, Special Education, Pediatric Psychology, and Physiological Psychology) as well as other countries (i.e., Norway). For many years, the primary focus of my research has been to use applied behavior analysis with individuals who have been diagnosed with a variety of disorders (Autism, profound mental retardation, language delays, etc.). More recently, my research has emphasized the unique contribution that applied behavior analysis can make to the assessment and treatment of disorders that have not typically been studied by behavior analysts (Reactive Attachment Disorders, psychiatric disorders, etc.).

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