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The School of Medicine provides accredited education programs for medical students, residents and fellows, doctoral students in the basic medical sciences, and practicing physicians. 


  • The School of Medicine of East Carolina University provides a carefully developed environment especially conducive to the study of medicine,one that emphasizes individual and continuing learning to prepare students for a lifetime of personal service. Many elements make up the ECU approach, but the most important are small class sizes, an outstanding and concerned faculty, and exceptional facilities.

    The fundamental responsibility of the school is the education of competent and compassionate physicians who will provide quality care to their patients and leadership in their communities. The School of Medicine also recognizes the vital commitment physicians must make to professional growth throughout their careers as the mysteries of medicine are unraveled and science provides new ways of healing and caring. In many ways, a medical education is just a start. The East Carolina University School of Medicine is dedicated to making it an excellent beginning.