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About the College

The College of Fine Arts and Communication is the cultural interface for the arts in eastern North Carolina. The Schools of Art and Design, Communication, Music, and Theatre and Dance are the production arms of this acclaimed machine.

You want what we've got: Internationally acclaimed touring groups; a jazz ensemble that gets its material fresh from the Smithsonian archives in an exclusive partnership with the Duke Ellington Family Foundation and DownBeat Magazine; and nationally known artists like Bob Ebendorf, whose retrospective opened at the Smithsonian's the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., then took a tour around the states.

Our researchers proved that art makes kids smart. We've shed light Indiana Jones-style into Mayan end-of-era rituals and the artistic decor of Mesoamerican palaces and elite residences. We've analyzed air traffic control/pilot miscommunication errors that have resulted in aircraft crashes and have proposed solutions.

In addition to entertaining the public with summer theatre, dance performances, musical theatre productions, exhibitions, recitals, opera theatre, film festivals, and guest artists, we educate. Our education programs in art, music, and theatre are among the largest and most comprehensive of their kind in the southeast. Our students leave East Carolina ready to excel.

This is the College where the brightest are taught by the best. And teach we do. From traditional students to advanced degree candidates studying from a distance, from church musicians and clergy to young composers across the nation, from five-year-old violists to adolescent artists at summer camp,to the general public enjoying a lecture, viewing a documentary, exhibition, performance, or seeing the fruits of our interns, we are the arts in eastern North Carolina.

Come play with us.