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Anderson, James F. Professor


Dr. James F. Anderson has over 17 years of experience teaching undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.  He received a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice in 1995 from The George J. Beto College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University and a Masters’ in Criminology from Alabama State University. Prior to coming to East Carolina University as Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice in 2005, he was Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri at Kansas City in the Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, Criminology and Anthropology. He was also a visiting Graduate Research Fellow at the National Institute of Justice in Washington, D.C. and tenured as an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Eastern Kentucky University in the Department of Police Studies. 

Dr. Anderson has over forty-five publications in the areas of criminal justice and criminological related issues. His scholarship appears in books, book chapters, and scholarly articles in journals such as the Journal of Crime and Justice, Journal of Criminal Justice, Contemporary Journal of Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Studies, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Contemporary Law and Justice Journal, Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology and others. He is currently working on two books in the areas of criminology and criminological theory.

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