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Perry, Jamie Associate Professor


Dr. Perry is a licensed speech language pathologist and speech scientist. She is an associate professor at East Carolina University where she conducts research using magnetic resonance imaging and 3D computer technology to study the anatomy, speech, and surgical approaches used to treat cleft palate. Her research is funded through the National Institute of Health. Her current work aims to examine the how variations in presurgical anatomy effect postsurgical speech outcomes in children born with cleft palate. Dr. Perry serves on the cleft palate craniofacial team at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC. She is the director of the Speech Imaging and Visualization Laboratory at East Carolina University. Dr. Perry serves as the coordinator for the resonance disorders clinic where she provides speech evaluations and therapy to individuals with errors related to cleft palate and resonance disorders. Dr. Perry also provides support and training through surgical mission trips to third world countries.

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