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Boudreaux, Tony Associate Professor


I am an archaeologist who studies the late prehistoric and Contact period Native American societies of the southeastern United States. In my research, I have used artifactual, architectural, and mortuary data to explore social and political differences that existed in Native American communities. I am particularly interested in exploring how social groups interacted to create and maintain communities that persisted for long periods of time. Investigating the construction, use, and evolution of public architecture—especially in the form of earthen monuments such as platform mounds—has been particularly important in my research. I have investigated a number of mound sites in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama. I am interested in what architectural differences and the construction of monuments can tell us about ancient communities. Methodologically, I am most interested in the analysis of aboriginal ceramics.

Interests: Ceramic analysis, Complex Societies, Political Organization, the Archaeology of Settlements and Households, Late Prehistoric through Contact-period Native American Societies of Southeastern North America

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